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Mediation of mass transfer

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Seeking to identify mediation of mass transfer to maintain constant delivery rate in the presence of declining material concentration.
P&G is seeking ways to deliver lactic acid in vapor phase to air, at a constant rate over a period of 2-4 weeks.
Target delivery rate of lactic acid is 2-10 μg/hr from a surface area of 10 cm2 in an open system with natural convection. Evaporation of aqueous solutions can achieve these rates but evaporation rate is not constant and slows over time. Wick delivery also shows the same slowing over time.
By passive it is meant that once activated (for example by opening a sealed package) lactic acid delivery is maintained at a relatively constant rate and does not require replenishment of anything (such as water) over a 2-4 week period. P&G are only interested in passive delivery mechanisms (diffusion, evaporation etc.) under ambient conditions. Active delivery methods (sprays, pumps, heating etc.) are not of interest.

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They are interested in the following:
• Delivery mechanisms that provide constant target delivery (2-10 μg/hr) of lactic acid over 2-4 week period from a system with a surface of about 10cm2 in size
• Gel matrix, membrane-based, shaped, reactive, micro-encapsulated or other evaporative technologies that can be made to release the target active at a constant rate over an extended (2-4 week) period.
• A passive delivery system that ideally has a total volume ≤ 25 ml.
• In case a carrier liquid is needed, the preferred carrier liquid is water.
• The use of food grade materials is preferred but not an absolute requirement.
• Any reactive mechanism should provide L(+)-lactic acid.


All proposals should be submitted by the 3rd of June 2016.
P&G are NOT looking for: • Powered delivery systems based on sprayers, atomizers, fans or heating
• Delivery systems based on pressurized air or other carrier gases
• Devices, unless a specific device design is key to enabling, initiating or extending the useful lifetime of the passive evaporation.
• Systems requiring the use of highly volatile, especially flammable, organic solvents
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