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New filter for removing tar, nicotine and toxic compounds from tobacco smoke

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The group of investigation of Processing and pyrolysis of polymers of the University of Alicante has developed a new combined filter that eliminates the tar, the nicotine and other toxic gases present in tobacco smoke in a very efficient way more efficiently than current filters available in the market. The invention is characterized because it combines three membranes of different characteristics arranged in a very specific way. The primary membrane (M1), located at the end closest to the tobacco column, is formed by a perforated disk of impermeable material. It also has an outer membrane (M3) of cellulose acetate fiber located at the end in contact with the mouth of the smoker. It can also incorporate a cylindrical intermediate membrane (M2) between M1 and M3 formed by an adsorbent material. This innovative combined filter has a low manufacturing cost, allows to dispense tastes and flavors, and can be applied in both commercial cigarettes and filters for rolling tobacco. Wanted companies interested in acquiring this technology for commercial exploitation.

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Companies interested in acquiring this invention for commercial exploitation are looked for: • Patent licensing agreements. • Development of new applications. • Agreements regarding technology and knowledge transfer.
Company profile sought:
1) Manufacturers of complete nozzles. 2) Membrane manufacturers for filters. 3) Manufacturers of tobacco and cigarettes. 4) Smoking paper manufacturers. 5) Smoking filter manufactures.


The present invention is part of the tobacco industry, referred to cigarettes, and in particular, a combined filter for use in any type of tobacco column, both in the variety of commercial cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, unfiltered cigarettes, stuffed tubes and hand-rolled cigars. Therefore, according to its final use, the filter can present different variants.
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